Aston Martin V8 Vantage Bodywork Upgrade Kit - Carbon -AML
£4,555.55 (Inc VAT)

Bumper Upgrade kit to convert early MY V8 Vantage to the V12/V8S look.

All parts to convert are included, including:

Front Bumper

Lower Front Grille

Carbon Fibre Front Splitter

2 x Front Arch Liners

2 x Rear Arch Liners

Front Undertray

Rear Bumper

Rear Carbon Fibre Diffuser

Rear Bumper Blade

4 x Rear Parking Sensors

2 x Rear Exhaust Tail Pipe Finishing Tips

Rear Grille

Rear No Plate Light Assembly

Rear Bumper Wiring Loom

All Required Fasteners

Please specify which region of the world your ordering from, whether your car has front parking sensors and if it is a coupe or roadster.

For 4.3 litre cars the front undertray will need modifying for the air to flow through the front mounted engine oil cooler

12 Hours Labour to fit. Bumpers will require painting at extra cost