Aston Martin V8 Vantage Twin Plate Organic Clutch & Lightweight Flywheel OEM Replacement ASM (Sportshift) -DAE
£3,595.00 (Inc VAT)

A vast improvement in shifting operation and a huge extension in clutch life all in one!!! The original clutch & flywheel package for the V8 Vantage is heavy, and not particularly well known for longevity. Fortunately, DAE offer this incredible replacement package.


- Lightweight CNC Machined, Chemically Hardened Steel Flywheel

- Original Equipment Aston Martin/Valeo Twin Plate Organic Clutch + Fasteners

- Original Equipment Aston Martin Release Bearing/Slave Cylinder

- Release Bearing Spacer + Fasteners


- Weight reduction of 7lbs

- Faster Shifting

- Vastly Improved throttle response

- Dramatically increased longevity compared to the Standard Parts

Torque Specs:

- Clutch to Flywheel 19nm

- Flywheel to Crank 110nm

FITS ALL SPORTSHIFT (ASM) TRANSMISSION V8 VANTAGE MODELS 2006-2013 (2014MY onwards require an exchange torque tube which we can offer for £495 + Vat)

Vehicle required for 24 Hours